When your hips hurt, the rest of your body hurts. The hips are involved in most movements of the body, so discomfort in that region can be debilitating. Our chiropractor at Integra Medical can help you realign your hips at our chiropractic and integrated medical office. By using spine aligning techniques, Dr. Brice Neff can relieve your pain, restoring function and mobility to your body.

Chiropractic services have been known to alleviate discomfort from sciatica, a common cause of pain in the hips and lower back.

A benefit of utilizing chiropractic care for your hip pain is the drug-free treatment. Because our services don’t require medication, they can be used in conjunction with treatments from your medical doctor, depending on your situation. Additionally, our chiropractor may be able to help you improve the function of your body without needing to resort to surgery. Each patient is different, so results may vary. Regardless, we will make sure you get the treatment you need to improve your well-being.

Dr. Neff may be able to use chiropractic treatment to help the following conditions:

  • Arthritis

  • Inflammation

  • Sciatica

  • Overuse

  • Trauma

Adjusting your hips can also improve discomfort you experience in your legs, knees and feet. If you are ready to tend to your hip pain in Gilbert, Arizona, schedule an appointment with our team at (480) 988-2974. We look forward to caring for your needs.