Knee pain can occur for various reasons, including injury, age, arthritis and more. Regardless of the underlying cause, knee pain is debilitating and requires professional treatment. If you are one of the many individuals struggling with this discomfort, it is time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brice Neff at Integra Medical.

During your appointment, we will discuss your situation and determine if chiropractic care, medical treatment, or rehabilitative therapy could improve your situation. Because of the connectivity between your bones and joints throughout the body, a misaligned back leads to misalignment in the hips, legs, knees and feet. Oftentimes, chiropractic manipulation of the back and hips can improve or alleviate knee pain. If a spinal manipulation doesn’t improve the state of the knees, our chiropractor can perform gentle knee manipulations to improve the function of your joints.

Our medical team may also deem it prudent to integrate medical treatments like using hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma, or regenerative medicine as a way of naturally healing the body.

For patients struggling with arthritis in the knee, chiropractic care and regenerative medicine could be the answer you need to for chronic pain relief. Our team can loosen the joint, improving the function of the knee. If you suffer from a condition like arthritis, Dr. Neff and our team will assess your condition and determine if you are a good candidate for our treatments.

If you are interested in treating your knee pain in Gilbert, schedule an appointment with our team! Dr. Neff will gladly work with you to help you start getting the relief that you need.